Are you using video to promote your business? If not, it’s the one thing you should put at the top of your business growth checklist for 2017. Video is a game changer, and smart companies are taking advantage of its potential. 

Here are five great ways to incorporate video into your business’s ongoing promotion activities. 

1. Embed a video on your company’s website This is a classic first step, and for good reason. A short video, done well, can boost customer engagement with your company in less than 60 seconds. Include a video alongside the content you’re proudest of – your team, your products, or your homepage – and prepare to grow.

2. Make video a key part of every landing page you create Planning to launch a new product or service line? A recent study shows that videos on landing pages can boost conversion rates by 80 percent. 

3. Become a subject-matter expert on YouTube  “How to” searches on YouTube are way up, indicating that people are turning to YouTube as a way to find expert resources on almost any topic. Posting a series of simple how-tos can boost brand visibility and drive customers to your website. The secret? Focusing on answering the user’s question, not on thinly-veiled, self-serving promotion.

4. Create a social campaign As technology evolves, video has a more prominent position on social media than ever. Get more mileage out of the investment you make in video by designing a campaign around it.

5. Highlight your career achievements Tell your own story, directly to your clients, customers, and potential employees. Introductory videos help decision makers get to know you and develop a connection. They can also supercharge your prospecting and networking activities.


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