You may have heard about the importance of building your company’s brand. And by “you may have heard,” we mean, of course you have heard. A strong brand is engaging: it turns leads into customers, and customers into evangelists.

Have you considered how the photography on your website affects your brand?

The goal of your business’s website is to position your brand effectively and, ultimately, to bring in business. Many of our clients understand the value of investing in web development and design in order to communicate brand values. Far fewer of them consider photographing the corporate environment to be equally essential.

An untapped resource

This is actually good news – for your company, that is. If other companies are not using professional photography, you can set your organization apart. And if your competitors are using custom photos, your brand will suffer in comparison if you’re using stock photography.

Custom photography is an essential brand-building tool, on par with your logo in importance.

What’s wrong with stock photography?

Nothing, in theory. Stock photos cover a range of topics and situations, including scenes of corporate offices and people at work. But have you noticed how those business stock photos all kind of look the same? Like they came out of Central Casting? That’s because stock photos are generic – and “generic” is a brand killer.

Embrace the power of your company

Your company is not generic – it’s unique. Your brand centers around that uniqueness. In order to win new business, your business needs to engage its customers. Images are powerful engagement tools – our brains respond to them in ways we are only beginning to understand.

The split-second impression of the photography you use, can either draw viewers in or push them away. The choice is yours.


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