At CoCreate Studios, we’re in the business of making you look great, with custom photography and video services for business. But there is a lot that you can do to help create the best possible professional headshot. When you work with us, we’ll give you in-depth advice customized for your specific goals. But in the meantime, here are a few tips to help anyone get a better business headshot.

Before the shoot

Get lots of rest and make sure you eat right. There’s something to the old adage, “you are what you eat.” Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and dehydration all create a haggard appearance. To make sure you’re truly well hydrated and well rested, start catching up on sleep and boosting water intake a few days before the shoot.

The morning of the shoot, take a page from the glamour pros and use a few Hollywood-style tricks. For women, go for a natural look with makeup. It’s easy to overdo it. The eyes are a major focal point, so use a light coat of mascara to widen them. In general, going too dark with lipstick can be a big mistake. Light, bright, and natural are better guidelines for lipsticks.

Men and women alike can benefit from reducing hair flyaways and frizzies. Having a few hairs out of place can draw attention away from where you want it to be. A smoothing balm, shine spray, or other finishing product can help your hair get camera-ready, too.

What should you wear? It’s best to avoid a lot of pattern in your outfit: a scarf or tie can work, but a checkered blouse or striped shirt might appear too busy on camera. Avoid solid white and super-saturated shades.  Neutrals, muted tones, and pastels work well. When in doubt, bring a backup outfit to the shoot.

At the shoot

The best thing you can do to create a great photo is to relax and be comfortable. To do that, some folks swear that holding a prop helps them hold their body more naturally. Holding a book, a flower, or some other item gives you something to do with your hands. Try it – you might find that it cuts down on the dreaded “corporate stiff” look.

Something to ponder: swans don’t have double chins. Before the shot, take a second to elongate your neck by lowering your shoulders and moving your head slightly forward. You’ll have a more graceful look instantly.

Have you ever noticed that no one looks great in passport photos? One reason is because you have to face the camera squarely (i.e., mugshot-style). For your business headshot, a 3/4 angle will flatter your features while still showing your whole face.

Anyone who looks at your photo can tell the difference between a fake smile and one that is genuine. To get a real smile, have fun! Talk to your photographer, share a funny story about your day, or even listen to a joke. It’s a photo shoot, not a NASA launch.

And remember, if all else fails, our photo experts can open their bag of tricks for a little retouching magic. The result? A professional headshot you’ll be proud of.

The team at CoCreate Studios is ready to help you have fun and look your best in your next professional headshot. Photo packages start at $295; video packages