YEA! Young Entrepreneurs Academy

The goal: To highlight the amazing work of the YEA! program, in helping entrepreneurial young people to realize their dreams of creating and running their own businesses. 

The approach: We filmed and photographed key moments in the program and interviewed key contributors, business leaders and the youngsters themselves to showcase this extraordinary opportunity. 

The Result: "Working with CoCreate Studios was a true joy. Having never worked on a promotional video, they made the process easy and smooth for me as their client. The final product took my breath away, and exceeded my expectations in every way. If you’re looking to utilize video in your promotion, but don’t have any idea where to start, I highly recommend CoCreate Studios."

MJ Valet

The goal: To create a training film to highlight best working practices for all new recruits. 

The approach: We filmed a mock up valet service, so each step of the process is explained in detail. 

The Result: A clear and concise training video that can be used during the training process, allowing management to be reassured that all recruits understand the expectations and goals of the valet service. 

Brandon Wright

Real Estate Agent, Vantage Reality Group

The goal: To raise Brandon's business profile, by connecting him with future clientele, via a video for his website and social media. 

The approach: We helped Brandon to create a video that highlights his warmth and love of his job. It was important to share a sense of Brandon as a person as well as the real estate agent, as his passion for his work truly connects him to his clients.

The Result: "The whole thing is way better than I expected.
Thank you to the whole team for all the work you've put into it!"

Aaron Gillette

MBA program, University of Oregon,
Warsaw Sports Marketing Center

The goal: To engage viewers with a one-minute summary of Aaron’s background, goals, and professional outlook.

The approach: We helped Aaron, who is pursuing his MBA in sports marketing, to introduce himself to potential employers. He shares stories about his love for baseball and how he combines that with marketing experience to bring a unique perspective to his work and define his innovative outlook for his own future, and for the future of sports marketing as well. Two distinct camera angles give the viewer a heightened sense of Aaron’s personality.

The result: "Working with CoCreate Studios was a great experience. They helped me feel comfortable and relaxed during the filming process, turning what could have been a nerve-wracking experience into a fun one. I was extremely pleased with the video they created for me, and I have received lots of positive feedback from friends and colleagues on the quality of the video. I would definitely recommend CoCreate Studios to anyone!"

Kara Mae Adamo

Artsy Pixie Media, LLC

The goal: To give viewers insight into Kara Mae’s capabilities, the range of work she does, and her perspective on art and design.  

The approach: Kara Mae brings a diverse skill set to her work as a designer and an artist. To communicate her strengths, we asked her to talk not only about what she does, but also about the philosophy that she brings to each piece. The video captures her unique creative perspective – while also highlighting a few of her recent projects.

The result: “I enjoyed my experience with CoCreate…
I think that the biographical videos are a cool twist.” 


Monisha Kapila, Founder and CEO

The goal: To help ProInspire define its value, articulate its vision, and engage potential partners in its mission to help nonprofit organizations develop strong leaders, develop talent pipelines, and increase diversity through training and coaching programs.

The approach: We interspersed shots of Monisha speaking with still photos of the leaders she has helped develop through the ProInspire Fellowship, to capture both her passion and the organization’s impact. We also use high-impact text to crystallize the organization’s strategic priorities in the viewer’s mind.

The result: "CoCreate did a fabulous job creating our video.  They guided me throughout the process, provided advice on how to prepare for the filming, and shared good feedback on how to make the video more appealing. They were very easy to work with and we really appreciate their flexibility in helping us develop such a great tool for our branding."

Firestarter: Ignite Your Brand

The goal: To showcase Frances’s dynamic presentation on personal branding and condense the message into a one-minute video.

The approach: Along with the images, we captured high-quality audio for consistent sound, no matter whether the speaker is behind the lectern or out on the stage. In the editing process, we combined portions of her speech into a coherent overview and illustrated her points with carefully placed imagery.

The result: A short video that shows Frances’s expertise in branding and the value she brings to speaking engagements – a great example of the strong personal branding she advocates in her work.

Jade & Jasmine Healing Arts

Beth Burke Farrar, L.Ac, Dipl.OM

The goal: To promote Beth’s acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practice by forging a connection with viewers and answering common client questions.

The approach: After introducing Beth, we focused on defining the services Jade & Jasmine provides and how they might benefit the viewer. In the brief video, Beth helps people understand that Chinese medicine can help stimulate the body's natural healing response, regardless of how their symptoms are manifesting, and empowers them to be thoughtful in their approach to healthcare.

The result: “The process of making the video was really helpful in clarifying my messaging. CoCreate Studios were very supportive, putting me at ease, which was no small task considering I was nervous to be on camera. I was very impressed by their professionalism and the quality of the video; the attention to detail certainly paid off. A HUGE thank you to CoCreate Studios!”


The goal: To create great-looking, professional photos to use on a company’s website and collateral, as well as on professional networking sites like LinkedIn

The approach: By creating a comfortable portrait session space and focusing on imagery that placed the individual first, each sitter was engaged not simply with direction, but with conversation to relax and elicit the candid expressions. Soft, flattering light surrounded everyone. As images were made, sitters could provide live feedback to their frames as they appeared on the monitor behind the camera.

The result: “My experience at CoCreate was phenomenal. I was provided with a professional headshot that was much better than previous professional photos I've had taken. My shoot was fast, smooth and professional.”

-- Colby Gunther